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MerchantAssist specializes in securing savings for our Merchant Partners

Credit and debit card processing fees are a significant cost to your business. As transactions increase, hidden costs or incorrectly allocated fees can inflate your processing costs above what they should be.

We save you money by reducing the credit card fees your payment processor charges. An audit by MerchantAssist can help identify and secure savings for your business without you having to change your payment processing relationship, accounting system or POS.

Powered by Verisave, our payment processing audit starts with a FREE review of your last processing statement. We typically identify savings of 25% from an initial analysis – and you don’t pay anything for our services until we start saving you money!

We get paid only when we secure savings on your behalf – NO upfront costs and NO hidden commissions or fees. Our compensation is a percentage of the measurable savings generated for you.

Start Your FREE Savings Analysis Now!

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